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  • VLOG: The Perspective: Women in Travel

    A story of Freedom and Friendship, when 4 power women of the Indian Travel and Tourism sector

  • VLOG: Cellular Jail ~ Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    Watch video here:

  • VLOG: Swosti Chilika Lake Resort – A Landscape View

    Swosti Chilika Lake Resort - A Landscape View

  • VLOG: Kheer – the food story unfolds at Roseate House New Delhi

    Kheer - the food story unfolds at Roseate House New Delhi

  • VLOG: Dr. Nitin B. Jawale, Director of Tourism, Government of Odisha in conversation with Reema Lokesh

    Dr. Nitin B. Jawale, Director of Tourism, Government of Odisha in conversation with Reema Lokesh

  • VLOG: Dr. Mona Sharma, Principal Secretary shares her views on Odisha Tourism

    Dr. Mona Sharma, Principal Secretary shares her views on Odisha Tourism

  • The Power of Connected Aircraft

    Honeywell’s B757 test aircraft that is on The Power of Connected World Tour was in Mumbai yesterday

  • A colourful pirate invasion

    The Gasparilla Pirate Festival held every January in Tampa is a grand event that is a major tourist draw in the west coast of Florida

  • Discovering the land of myriad marvels

    Odisha is known to be the land of myriad marvels as the state boasts more than 20,000 temples with a historic culture

  • The story of Winter’s tail

    Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a rescue centre and hospital for marine animals in Florida, is home to probably the world's most loved dolphin – Winter, the star of the famous...

  • Junagadh: A diverse heritage

    Nestled at the foot of Mount Girnar, Junagadh has a history that dates back to two and a half millennia

  • In the land of Komodo dragon

    One of the highlights of my visit to Indonesia last year, on an invitation from Visit Indonesia, was the trip to Komodo Island, which is...

  • The forgotten heritage of Mumbai

    People across the world are familiar with Mumbai as a bustling city, but the city has an unexplored cultural facet

  • Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016

    This year's festival also saw addition of more programmes - a new record was set in its history with 501 programmes across 12 verticals and...

  • Armenian Genocide Museum: Reliving a painful history

    One of the most poignant aspects of my visit to Armenia last September was the heart-rendering tales of the genocide

  • A step into the past

    On my recent visit to Ahmedabad, I made time to visit the Adalaj 'Vav' located a few kms from the city

  • Is the Dead Sea dying ?

    Known as the earth’s lowest elevation on land, the surface and shores of the Dead Sea are 420 metres below sea level

  • A British golf legacy in Gulmarg

    When I visited the Gulmarg Golf Club on my recent visit to the ski destination, I was transported to an era when the British used...

  • Aerial sightseeing of Dubai

    Dubai keeps reinventing its tourism attractions and this is one of the factors that keeps drawing repeat visitors to the emirate

  • At The Top of the world

    The highest outdoor observation deck in the world is located at, not surprisingly, the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa

  • Fattan, the Emirati robot

    The robots from Dubai's crown prince, Sheikh Hamdan's office, might not have anything to do with tourism directly, but showcased how next gen technology...

  • On the dome of the Duomo

    My recent visit to the Milan Cathedral was nothing short of amazing

  • The Pei Pyramid

    The Pei Pyramids (named after I M Pei, the man who designed the modern structures) are made of reflective glass, steel rods and cable

  • Trouting in Kullu

    A unique experience that is slowly gaining popularity among tourists to Himachal Pradesh is trouting

  • Rediscovering Bath

    Just three hours drive from London is a city that has for centuries been a great attraction for UK residents and overseas visitors

  • The big cat census

    When I visited the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat recently, my tour guide was very excited about the upcoming census of the Asiatic lion population in...

  • Picture perfect Victoria

    Victoria, the capital of British Columbia in Canada is city that is almost picture perfect, with an old world charm that is reminiscent of another...