VFS Global’s Dubai Visa Processing Centre introduces new range of visa services

Dubai as a destination is exceedingly popular and for Indians has always been a favourite. The city now represents a growing and accessible list of destinations to visit being a leading metropolis which also serves as a great connecting point between Europe and Asia.

Keeping the tourist inflow in mind, VFS Global’s Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) has introduced a wide new range of visa services for all types of travellers– be it a business or leisure traveller- to extend convenient visa application facilities to applicants travelling on Emirates.

DVPC offers visa categories for passengers travelling Emirates in addition to the other categories otherwise available. The newly introduced multiple entry visas valid for 30 and 90 day travel are only offered at DVPC centres and via the DVPC website. DVPC uniquely also supports the service with contact centres and email support to assist the applicant throughout the process. Passengers can now apply for a UAE visa in their own time zones and locations worldwide.

DVPC offers a uniform pricing model that is consistently maintained throughout the year with a range of value added services based on the needs of the traveller. Some of these include: Express visa– delivery within 48 hrs from the time of application; door to door service for delivery of visas; Dubai Airport meet and assist.

DVPC operates 33 Dubai visa application centers in 16 countries across the globe.

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