Amigo Travels strengthens its digital position


Amigo Travels is enhancing its presence in the online space through Amigo Travels Online (ATO), featuring user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design which is dedicated to provide the best possible experience when using websites on all kinds of devices including mobile. The key features include multiple products, accommodation, apartments, RailEurope – point-to-point and passes, sight seeing, transfers, attractions, hop-on hop-off, Swiss peaks, minimum steps for quick booking among others.

In terms of security and privacy control, ATO doesn’t use and share customer details. It also features an accounting system with integration of credit limit and credit cards. Travel Agents can have multiple users linked to the same master account. This can be an ideal tool for having individual accounts for each employee and monitor their sales/performance. Some of the other features include real-time results on availability and price from multiple global distribution systems, integration with RailEuro for passes and point-to-point, and auto cancellation if bookings are not reconfirmed for voucher issue.

Shefali Gupta, director, Amigo Travels, said, “Our dedicated and experienced sales staff is primed to listen to our client’s every request and tailor the best possible itinerary at the quickest turn around. Our goal for our clients is not just maximising revenue, but also expanding their customer base and consequently their business, leading to long-term sustainable growth. Our partners – travel agents, tour operators and agencies – benefit from our cutting edge solutions of B2B global reservation system that allows you to control packaging and distribution of travel products to your customers. Trust, reliability and quality is our credo and customer-satisfaction is a way of life at Amigo Travels.”

Amigo Travels represents international players such as Rail Europe, Gullivers’ Travel Associates (GTA), Travco, HotelBeds, Tourico, Swiss Mountain Peaks & Excursions, cruises across the world and more.

“With Amigo, you have access to 450,000 hotels and 30,000 cities across the world. From exotic locations and spas to business hotels and conference solutions, Amigo Travels will tailor hotel bookings to fit every budget and specification. As a leading wholesaler of hotels and travel products around the globe, Amigo brings you instant access to over 30,000 hotels all over the world. Through our long relationship of over 18 years with trusted hotels and travel suppliers, we contract at competitive rates enabling our customers to book significantly discounted accommodation at some of the best hotels worldwide. Our holiday tours cater to the needs of Indian leisure travelers by infusing complete freedom of choosing your own holiday to almost every part of the world.” Gupta commented.

The B2B global reservation system gives 24-hour online access to a multitude of suppliers and instant confirmation with real-time rates.

Amigo is the only agency in India to appointed GSA Best Western India and GSA Carnival Cruise Lines. In 2009, it won Rail Europe Award for Valued Partner for stellar promotion of Rail Europe in India, followed by Rail Europe Award for Best Performance in 2010.

“The Indian leisure traveller today has a long, complex hotel booking journey with low brand loyalty, Amigo is going to change that. The introduction of ATO and great technology and its steady plan of giving the travel market tools to help them concentrate on sales and customers rather then spending times in bookings and operations. The future of the travel industry is full of opportunities. At Amigo, we anticipate technologies to continue to evolve and impact the travel business. In our vision for the future, we believe that travel players will be able to identify travelers consistently and deliver a superior customer experience at every stage of the travel process, among many other innovations that will transform in the industry,” she stated.

Gupta added that globally, hotel bookings are going online, however India is still early on this adoption curve. “The Indian consumer is rapidly going digital. Led by the prevalence of mobile internet, the country’s internet user base is projected to expand from 332 million users in 2016 to over 650 million users in 2020. By 2020, nearly half of all Indian urban consumers will be digitally influenced. The Indian leisure traveller today has a long, complex hotel booking journey with low brand loyalty. Amigo is going to change that. We outline a four-point agenda: Leverage the digital medium across touch points and channels in the consumer’s booking journey, offer end-to-end curated travel solutions tailored to the consumer, reimagine the role of advocacy to make it personalised and predictive, build technology-enabled system with capabilities for travel agents towards their ease of business,” she said.