Editor’s Note

  • Niche is the name of the game

    The travel and tourism industry in India seems to be in a constant state of flux

  • A sustainable growth

    The month of March witnesses the globe's largest travel and tourism gathering – ITB Berlin

  • Budget buzz

    On February 1, 2017, from 11 am to almost 1 pm, the country's Finance Minister (FM) did what he does best.. building hopes and expectations...

  • United we stand?

    It is always inspiring to write the first edit of a new year

  • On a final note…

    After the initial chaos, following the surprise announcement made by PM Narendra Modi to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination notes, things seem to...

  • Learning begins at home

    India truly has a unique story to share in its tourism space

  • Power parleys

    A trip to the capital of India seldom lets you down especially when it comes to understanding the meaning of being connected and to be...

  • It’s convention time again

    Come September, and the travel and tourism industry, especially in India, gets into the convention and conferencing mode

  • August dynamics

    As per our tradition, the Express TravelWorld August issue celebrates the country’s Independence Day and salutes the spirit of national pride by placing in prominence...

  • Luxury learnings

    India's outbound market has been proving to be a fertile ground for innumerable tourism boards since over a decade

  • A story of lost opportunities

    Bollywood, the buoyant and buzzing Hindi film industry is 100 per cent Indian but has undoubtedly made a global impact

  • Now for some ‘incredible’ action

    Think India and what may probably follow is a list of adjectives to describe its essence

  • April angst

    The situation looks rather challenging especially for Indian tour operators working as inbound tourism consultants and experts

  • Hits & misses

    It is the Big B, which we all wait for on the last day of February

  • Different strokes

    2016 brought with it a certain momentum especially for those associated with the travel trade primarily as travel agents

  • The game changers

    When the going gets tough the tough gets going', this phrase fits quite well to those who belong to the travel and tourism fraternity especially...

  • A time for new beginnings

    It is that time of the year when there seems to be a natural feeling of happiness in the air

  • Winds of change

    Come November and Excel London suddenly gains prominence and be it so as travel professionals all over the world arrive primarily into Heathrow to connect,...

  • Seeing oceanic opportunities

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's stand and position on the vitality of the tourism sector was declared loud and clear at the recently held townhall tete-a-tete...

  • On the right track

    It will not be wrong to say that India runs on steel

  • A step back in time

    When you open the pages of this Independence Day special issue, you will be transported into a setup that celebrates India’s glorious past

  • The social route

    Does your hand phone have the chirpy bird on it yet? Is the Big F a part of your every day work updates

  • A June diary

    If one has to go by the sentiments of travel and hospitality industry professionals, June 1 proved to be an absolute spoiler

  • Out of the ordinary

    The industry seems to be gaining back its momentum after a period of tardiness

  • Innovate or Stagnate

    2015 surely brought with it action on the tourism circuit. The year opened up to a series of events, both national and international, in the...

  • March Matters

    This month seems to be truly action packed. From Berlin to Bali, tourism experts seem to be on the roll

  • Touching tomorrow

    Tough times don't last but tough people do' or 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' are strong statements with profound meaning