Did you know?

  • Church of St George, Egypt

    The unique Church of St. George, in Egypt's capital Cairo, is the only round church found in the country

  • Krem Lymput Cave, Meghalaya

    The entrance of the cave, hidden in the jungle with covered boulders, reveals itself by the cool air it blows

  • Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal

    Situated eight kms to the East of downtown Kathmandu, Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most important landmarks in Kathmandu

  • Ohel David Synagogue, Pune

    Also known as Lal Deval, the Ohel David Synagogue in Pune, was constructed by philanthroupist David Sassoon in 1867, which has now become an important part of the country's...

  • Manitoba Legislature Building, Canada

    The Manitoba Legislature Building, Winnipeg’s architectural highlight, features Golden Boy sculpture atop its dome

  • Robber’s Cave, Uttarakhand

    Locally known as Guchhipani, Robber’s Cave is located around eight kms from Dehradun city. It is a 600-metre-long river cave formation, divided into two parts. Robber’s Cave has a...

  • The Sea Organ, Croatia

    Located in the city of Zadar in Croatia, the Sea Organ is an architectural wonder and also an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea waves

  • Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

    Located in Umarkhed Tehsil of Yavatmal district, Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary derives its name from the river Painganga or Penganaga River which borders the sanctuary on its three sides

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one the world’s largest mosques, with a capacity for 40,000 worshippers

  • Bekal Fort, Kerala

    The 300-year-old Bekal Fort, shaped like a giant key-hole located in Kasaragod town, is one of the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala

  • Bosphorus, Istanbul

    Istanbul, which is the only city in the world that spans two continents, is home to its meeting point between Asia and Europe – Bosphorus...

  • The Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

    The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, Rajasthan is an astronomical observation site built in the early 18th century, which includes a set of around 20 main...

  • Henderson Waves, Singapore

    Standing 36 m above the ground, the Henderson Waves bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore

  • Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra

    The Kaas Plateau, located 25 km from Pune, is a unique ecosystem nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains

  • The Helix, Scotland

    The Helix is a new attraction located between Falkirk and Grangemouth, Scotland; and is described as 'A place for everyone'

  • Rani-ki-Vav, Gujarat

    Rani-ki-Vav, on the banks of the Saraswati River in Gujarat's Patan district, was initially built as a memorial to a king in the 11th century...

  • Nazca lines and geoglyphs

    The Nazca lines and geoglyphs are located in the Ica region, in the Palpa and Nazca valleys, 280 miles south of Lima and near the...

  • Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    In the central Peloponnese, at Vasses in ancient Figaleia, at an elevation of 1.130 m, stands the temple of Apollo Epicurius

  • Chengjiang Fossil Site

    Chengjiang's fossils present the most complete record of an early Cambrian marine community with well preserved biota, displaying the anatomy of hard and soft tissues...

  • Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave, Thiruvananthapuram

    Unnoticed for many years, Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave is a historic tourist spot located to the south of Kovalam junction

  • Castel del Monte, Italy

    Commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia in the 13th century, the castle is a huge octagonal structure that sits on a small stretch of the...

  • Valley of Flowers

    Spread across 87 sq km in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers is set in the backdrop of the Zanskar Ranges

  • Skara Brae Prehistoric Village, Scotland

    Uncovered by a storm in 1850, Skara Brae gives a remarkable picture of life 5,000 years ago, before Stonehenge was built

  • Khardungla Top

    Khardungla Top is the world's highest motorable road in the world and is the gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valley in Ladakh

  • Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

    Structures at the park represent a blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture

  • Ancient Water Towns, China

    The 'Golden Triangle' of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou is an area rich with history and culture, and contains many towns that date back centuries and...

  • Giant Buddha of Leshan

    The Giant Buddha of Leshan, carved out of a hillside in the 8th century and looking down on the confluence of three rivers, is considered...