Sanofi Pasteur launches paediatric pentavalent vaccine in India

The launch of Shan5 vaccine receives pre-qualification status from the World Health Organization

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, has launched Shan5, its paediatric pentavalent vaccine developed and manufactured by its affiliate Shantha in India. The launch of Shan5 vaccine received pre-qualification status from the World Health Organization (WHO) in April 2014.

Shan5’s prequalification gives many more children in India access to the latest high-quality, fully-liquid, 5-in-1 vaccine. Further, the prequalification helps Shan5 secure the supply of pentavalent combination vaccines in over 50 emerging and low-income countries. It adds to the existing list of four vaccines that Shantha manufactures, including Shanchol, the innovative cholera vaccine.

“A significant number of babies born every year in India do not have access to modern vaccination programmes. The launch of Shan5 in India means that 27 million babies born annually in India will have access to vaccination, to protect them from five potentially deadly diseases. By launching Shan5, Shantha will be contributing to filling this immunisation gap for the benefit of babies and their parents,” said Dr Harish Iyer, Chief Executive Officer, Shantha.

EP News BureauMumbai