Pharma Solution division receives four CMO Leadership Awards 2015

The CMO Leadership Awards are based on industry leading research conducted by Nice Insight

Piramal Enterprises’ Pharma Solution division, a global leader in contract development and manufacturing (CDMO), was a big winner in the recent CMO Leadership Awards held in Boston, US securing four awards in three key categories: Quality, Reliability, and Regulatory.

Respondents from big pharma, mid-sized and specialty pharma, and emerging pharma, voted piramal to be amongst the top 10 per cent in these categories.

The CMO Leadership Awards are based on industry leading research conducted by Nice Insight

. Nice insights surveys over 11,000 industry executives – buyers of outsourced services annually, to determine perception and awareness scores of CMOs for five different attributes (i.e. innovation, productivity, quality, regulatory, and reliability). The four categories in which the pharma solution division has won are:

Reliability for Big Pharma

Reliability for Mid-Size and Specialty Pharma

Regulatory for Mid-Size and Specialty Pharma

Quality for Emerging Pharma

Companies achieving top 20 percentile perception scores across these five attributes are recognised for their achievement.

For 2015, the research respondents were broken in to five categories; Big Pharma (BP), Mid-Size and Specialty Pharma (MP), Emerging Pharma (EP), Biotech (BT) and Emerging Biotech (EBT). The top 10 per cent in each of these above categories were chosen as winners of CMO leadership awards. Unlike other industry awards, which are given based on a subjective voting or nomination process, the only votes that count towards the CRO/CMO Leadership Awards are those of the pharma and biopharmaceutical companies using CRO/CMO services. The research respondents of all categories voted Piramal Enterprises’ Pharma Solution division to be amongst the top 10 per cent in these categories.

Vivek Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions said, “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award and to be recognised in multiple areas and categories. The award serves as a validation of our efforts to keep the customer as the focal point, while emphasising on project ownership, time delivery and commitment towards quality. This recognition from our clients will further motivate our team as we drive towards becoming the ‘partner of choice’. Receiving these awards also showcase our company values of entrepreneurship, expertise and trusteeship.”

Piramal Pharma Solutions is known for its capabilities as an integrated solutions provider offering comprehensive range of services across the drug lifecycle. With a successful performance record of over four decades in API supply, drug products, and drug discovery services, and with supply facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia; it has established itself as a global market leader.

To serve its partners better, Piramal Pharma Solutions continues to invest in next generation technologies and R&D; recent investments include areas such as Anti-Body Drug Conjugation (ADC), Biocatalysis Center of Excellence, and Advanced Flow Reactor (AFR) systems. In addition to investing $40 M in new equipment and technologies, they are also augmenting related infrastructure. Recently the company completed a green field facility ($10M) to double its Discovery Services capacity, and also approved a $20M capacity expansion for Hormonal (Morpeth) and ADC (Grangemouth) manufacturing.

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