Editor’s note

  • Online pharmacies both game changers and troublemakers

    I’d hazard a guess that there is hardly anyone who is not a user of e-commerce platforms to ease the daily grind

  • WL dims Sun’s shine … a bit

    A new year brings with it new hope but all indications are that 2016 is going to be a mixed bag for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Of laws and flaws

    Could New Jersey Superior Court's decision this October be a wake up call for Indian companies with global ambitions

  • Sifting the trends into 2016

    If the latest edition of the Antal Global Snapshot (AGS) on annual global hiring and firing trends is any indicator, hiring in India’s pharmaceutical industry...

  • Will new IP policy ensure Sabka Vikas?

    In our last issue, we highlighted Swati Spentose’s quiet rise to become a Rs 40-crore speciality API manufacturer

  • Finding the hidden gems

    Vishal Jajodia could sign up as a poster boy for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make In India campaign

  • Balancing the scales

    Besides the balanced reasoning within the Delhi HC judgement, it is the SC's intervention which could see this case go down as a major milestone

  • Mainstreaming AYUSH

    The last month saw a major milestone in the patent versus patient debate

  • Playing for high stakes

    According to the latest data from the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian domestic pharma market ended FY15 with a growth of 12 per...

  • Mylan’s One Quality Standard a long way off

    Some industry observers are surprised that ‘significant violations’ of this nature have not warranted an import alert or ban

  • New strategies for growth

    After a decade of pain, there are some reassuring signs that the pharmaceutical industry may just be seeing the faint glimmers of light at the...

  • Digital India: A new game needs new rules

    With the launch of the Digital India campaign in early July, it is time to relook India Pharma Inc’s engagement with technology

  • Lee Pharma revives the CL debate

    With little known Lee Pharma filing India's third compulsory licensing (CL), legal eagles and everyone interested or connected to pharmaceutical IP are gearing up for...

  • TRIPs-ing time again

    When governments have to weigh public health against IP issues, LDCs and developing countries really have no choice but to plug for the former

  • Data integrity … dil se

    Two reports, released in early June, have both good news and bad news for the pharma industry in India

  • Wish list for PM Modi’s second year

    Just as 2015 is a make or break year for PM Modi, this will be a decisive year for the pharma sector as well Now...

  • When patience is not a virtue

    India once again made it to the Priority Watch list of the 2015 USTR Special 301 Report, but this year, the reaction from India’s pharma...

  • Rebooting Jan Aushadhi

    As Prime Minister Modi completes a year in office this May, there will no doubt be many lists of this government’s achievements and comparison with...

  • Good growth prospects despite headwinds

    As we settle into FY2016, it is worth taking a quick look at some of the earning previews of the last quarter

  • Making hay while the Sun shines

    Success hinges on the company getting its GMP right and surviving the glare of regulatory scrutiny

  • Intent right, but implementation is key

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s first Union Budget had nothing special for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Policy pinings

    As in previous years, we mark this Women's Day with a cover story section devoted to women's health issue

  • The politics of IPR policy

    The draft National IPR policy, unveiled last December by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), has already garnered a fair bit of critical...

  • The bigger picture vs the nitty-gritty

    While we are urged to look beyond the sticky issues, one cannot overlook the final impact of decisions on India's IPR policy

  • Could a surgeon become DCG(I)?

    CDSCO's planned 'harmonisation of recruitment rules' is sure to resurrect this debate

  • Forecast 2015: Hope springs eternal

    As the adage goes, look before you leap

  • Learnings from the GVK BIO saga

    Now that India’s competition watch dog, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given its nod to Sun Pharma’s acquisition of Ranbaxy, will we see...