Editor’s note

  • Cracking the cGMP code

    Even if top management walks the talk, are these concepts filtering down to all employees, especially those at manufacturing plants, on the filling lines or at the packing stations?

  • Patient care apps serve a purpose, but need to be closely monitored

    Besides concerns on data privacy, aren’t such digital initiatives vulnerable to conflict of interests, and merely another reinforcement of the ‘pharma company-doctor nexus’?

  • Stree Shakti in the CDSCO!

    With women heading Nigeria’s NAFDAC, FDA Ghana and FDA Ivory Coast, India could also have a woman DCGI in the not so very distant future

  • Stree Shakti in the CDSCO!

    With women heading Nigeria's NAFDAC, FDA Ghana and FDA Ivory Coast, India could also have a woman DCGI in the not so very distant future

  • USTR review could mean tough times ahead

    Withdrawal of the GSP scheme could hit the industry quite hard

  • Beyond the budget

    Pharma companies are likely to spend higher on R&D but without the high returns

  • Will a toothless drug price watchdog be good or bad for business?

    A quid pro quo, of an easing drug price control, in exchange for increased investments in manufacturing, backward integration might be a logical outcome of recent policy moves

  • Out with the old, on with the new

    Pfizer’s loss will be the gain of numerous pharma companies and CROs as they look to hire from this talent pool The new year has kicked off with two...

  • Where is the patient in the e-pharmacy debate?

    e-pharmacies cannot be considered a mere extension of the e-commerce boom, simply because the patient cannot tell the difference between counterfeit or sub-standard purchases. In extreme cases, it may...

  • Will quality trip or lift us up in 2019?

    If 2018 was defined by Ayushman Bharat, what will define 2019? As we wind up one year and gear up for the next, I wonder how CEOs of pharmaceutical...

  • Achieving UNAIDS’ 90-90-90: A tall task

    Merely having an HIV/AIDS Act or NACO’s strategic plan will not help because as NACO’s Director Alok Saxena puts it, human behaviour is at the forefront of this epidemic

  • Dipping rupee to boost FY19 pharma revenues but …

    Smart companies will focus on discovering avenues which lead to long-term sustainable growth

  • Competition watch dog raps pharma sector for non-competitive market moves

    While the Competition Commission of India (CCI) note appreciates 'legitimate public policy objectives', it tries to determine the extent to which choice and competition can improve outcomes consistent with...

  • The pharma play in Ayushman Bharat

    With saturation in export markets and rising regulatory constraints, will we see a refocus on the domestic market, prodded by schemes like Ayushman Bharat?

  • India’s FDC saga and other stories

    Framing regulations is one thing, interpreting and implementing them quite another saga, allowing repeat offenders like Biomed to remain below the radar for too long

  • Putting the bite into our laws

    The recent faulty hip implant episode proves that our laws have not evolved as fast as medical technology

  • Revitalising pharmacy education

    While there are good intentions, it is the implementation which threatens the viability of  initiatives like the Pharm D course With September 5, Teachers’ Day around the corner, Express...

  • Playing for global stakes

    Most bigger pharma companies have moved to the next level of exports: the trade of intellectual property, in the form of clinical stage assets in return for milestone payments...

  • Will indigenisation, innovation and information lead to true independence?

    In my Editors Note in last year's Independence Day special issue, I had asked: as we mark our 71st Independence Day this August 15, how far have we progressed...

  • Acing the value chain

    It is ironical that a Chinese movie seems to have done what India's policy makers have been trying to do for many years: get China to lower the barriers...

  • Cracking down on fake medicines

    One of the important proposals considered during the 79th Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) meeting held on May 16 was the introduction of a trace and track feature on...

  • Halol haze lifts, finally

    It’s time to count the learnings from Halol, both internally for Sun Pharma as well as for India Pharma Inc

  • Putting all patients first

    In a speech on May 12, US President Donald Trump put one of his most populist election promises — to make medicines more affordable for the US citizens —...

  • Diving deeper into pharma GMP

    For the past two years, the May 16-31 edition of Express Pharma has been a GMP Special issue, highlighting topics crucial to quality in pharma...

  • Lessons from Orchid Pharma’s story

    The task force on APIs is too late to rescue Orchid Pharma but will hopefully prevent more API makers from burning out.

  • Mozambique tightens pharma export process

    From March 15, Mozambique mandated pre shipment testing of pharma exports, choosing to start with India, which is its largest supplier of pharma products.

  • Yet another go at FDCs?

    We seem to be slowly but surely moving towards the Centre’s goal of substituting branded medicines with generics