Cover Story

  • IPR Building Block or Stumbling Block?

    With World Intellectual Property Day round the corner, Express Pharma explores the evolving IPR scenario in India and its impact on pharma companies

  • Patent system, only way to promote innovation?

    Yogesh Pai, Assistant Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC) at National Law University, Delhi counters the...

  • A balancing act

    Ashish Prasad, Partner, Economic Laws Practice Delhi, analyses IPR in India, elaborates on the need to evolve an effective IPR policy to encourage innovation without...

  • Techniques to enhance IP valuations

    Dr Gopakumar G Nair, CEO, Gopakumar Nair Associates, gives an insight on why IP systems must support innovations by creating a conducive environment to attract...

  • On the right track

    Ashwin Sapra, Partner, and Biplab Lenin, Consultant, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, give an insight on how adequate research and development, intellectual property protection protocols and enforcement...

  • Hedging against uncertainty in the IPR Regime: Contractual protections

    Anay Shukla, Lead, Pharma Healthcare team, Darren Punnen, Member, Pharma Healthcare team and Vidya Phanse, Intern, Nishith Desai Associates, discuss contractual strategies that companies engaged...

  • The Bt cotton saga

    Rajeev Kumar, Partner, LexOrbis provides a commentary on the facts and questions of law that are raised in the current Bt. cotton patent infringement suit...

  • Rooting out Rubella: Making it Mission Possible

    The government needs to quash fears about safety of the rubella vaccine and establish its efficacy to achieve its goal of eliminating the disease by 2020

  • The Social Way to Success

    India Pharma Inc needs to leverage the potential of social media to up its game in times to come

  • Era of Electroceuticals Coming soon?

    Electroceuticals, hailed as the next frontier in medicine, is garnering considerable interest from medical researchers and entrepreneurs on the lookout for the next class of therapies

  • All bluster and no lustre?

    With little or no financial incentives in Union Budget 2017, the pharmaceutical industry remains deprived of a cure for its ailments

  • Resurrecting Brand AP

    Visakhapatnam and Nellore to play pivotal roles in rebuilding Andhra Pradesh's reputation as a leading pharma hub By Prathiba Raju

  • A Helping Hand

    The search for a sustainable, affordable and complaint access strategy is a tough task but the gains outweigh the pains By Viveka Roychowdhury

  • Trends in 2017

    What will be the most dominant business trends in the pharmaceutical sector in the year ahead?

  • Increasing access to medicines via collaboration and digitisation

    A Vaidheesh, VP, South Asia and MD, India, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, in an exclusive interaction with Prathiba Raju mentions that in 2017 and beyond, the pharmaceutical...

  • Where the mind is without fear…

    TK Kanchana, Director-General, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) talks about the trends which are most likely to drive the industry’s fortunes and company...

  • A year of opportunities and challenges

    Vikas Bhadoria, Senior Partner, Mc Kinsey and Vivek Arora, Associate Partner, Mc Kinsey, talk about how the global industry is at the cusp of change...

  • Business trends in 2017

    Utkarsh Palnitkar, Partner, National Head – Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare and National Head – Life Sciences practice, KPMG India, elaborates on the emerging trends, which...

  • Dominant business trends in 2017

    Ameesh Masurekar, Director, AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS, talks about the prevalence of online retail, therapeutic and regulatory measures to drive growth and stability in pharma sector

  • Indian pharma landscape in 2017

    Antal International takes a closer look at the business trends that could be game changers for India's growing pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharma cos need to realign biz models

    Pharma companies should focus on high-performing therapeutic area and geographic markets and they need to realign their business models to be able to cope up...

  • Fixed dose combination drugs – to be banned or not to be banned

    Ajay Bhargava, Vanita Bhargava and Aseem Chaturvedi explain how the FDC ban notification has adversely affected the pharma industry

  • Trends in global and Indian pharma industry

    Uttam Jain, Director, Neon Laboratories, elaborates on how the pharma industry will register positive growth trends in the next couple of years

  • Pharma cos brace up for a paradigm shift

    With vast and quick change in culture and various global platforms, the industry is to witness a growing trend of digitisation in the pharma industry....

  • Outlook for global medicines through 2021

    Growth in spending on medicines in major pharmerging markets has slowed from 2–10 percentage points over the past five years and is expected to slow...

  • Experts examine the strategies for a new VUCA WORLD

    Featuring – Jawed Zia, Novartis India – Mike Warmuth, Abbott – Daara Patel, IDMA – Dr Ajit Dangi, Danssen Consulting – Utkarsh Palnitkar, KPMG in India – Dr Arun...

  • Embracing change: Crucial to success in a VUCA world

    Jawed Zia, Country President, Novartis India, advises pharma leaders to constantly evaluate their skills and course correct to tackle the challenges in a VUCA world