Cover Story

  • Redefining Elderly Care

    Holistic and multi-disciplinary healthcare approaches are an urgent need to tackle complex challenges posed by an increasing elderly population and ensure effective social and economic development

  • Safeguarding the golden years

    Geriatric care and health management raises unique social, economic, and clinical challenges in India. From a pharma perspective, tackling their medication needs for complex health issues require special attention...

  • Make in India: The Story So Far

    – The lion at crossroads – Make in North East India – Make in India Achievement Report

  • The lion at crossroads

    India's over dependence on China for supply of APIs and bulk drugs is a serious threat to ‘Make in India’. PSUs could be the key to break free of...

  • Make in North East India

    The government is making all efforts to uphold GST and Make in India campaign as their progressive steps

  • Make in India Achievement Report

  • Pharma education: In need of a revamp

    An analysis of the current state of pharma education in India, its successes and shortcomings, as well as measures needed to bridge the gap between the industry and...

  • Revival of pharmacy education in India is the need of the hour

    Over 33 years of experience as a pharmacy professor and five years as President of APTI has empowered Dr Pramod Yeole, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Rashtrasant Tukadoji...

  • A contemporary and relevant pharmacy curriculum is the need

    Dr B Suresh, President, Pharmacy Council of India, speaks on various issues related to pharma education in India and elaborates on the initiative taken by...

  • Homage to the Gurus

    Industry stalwarts remember their teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day

  • A Tale of Grit and Glory

    As India celebrates its 71st Independence day, Express Pharma recalls some trials and triumphs which led to its rise as the ‘Pharmacy of the world’

  • Alembic: A century and still going strong

    Alembic Pharma has emerged as a renowned player in a thriving industry but not before tracing an eventful journey spanning over a century, that often mirrored the trials and...

  • Down Memory Lane

    At IDMA meeting with Dr Samuel Paul, Director IIM, Ahmedabad at Taj Intercontinental on May 3, 1973 RB Amin with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru Meeting...

  • A Growth Saga

    Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide, speaks on the journey traversed by the Indian pharma industry and predicts a bright future for it in the times to come

  • India Pharma Inc’s Tryst With Destiny

    The evolution of the Indian pharma industry since independence into a powerhouse supplying 20 per cent of the global demand for generic drugs

  • Trial by fire

    Born just a week after India gained independence, Indoco Remedies has witnessed and been a part of the trials and triumphs of the country's pharma sector for the last...

  • Evolution of The Indian Pharma Industry

  • Evolution of Indian Pharma Regulatory Framework

    Dr Gopakumar G Nair, CEO, Gopakumar Nair Associates, gives insights on the transformational journey of India’s pharma industry coming to par with the global standards,...

  • Upgradation of GMP since independence

    Kapil Bhargava, Former, Dy Drugs Controller (I) CDSCO, elaborates on India's journey in pharma sector post independence till today

  • Down Memory Lane

    Gandhi’s visit to Cipla in 1939 Independence Day flag hoisting at Cipla 1947 President of India, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy awards ACG for best employer of...

  • Long-term goal of PvPI is to develop e-reporting and reporting culture among HCPs

    Dr GN Singh, DCG(I) and Secretary-cum-Scientific Director, IPC and Dr V Kalaiselvan, Principal Scientific Officer, IPC, in an interview with Swati Rana speak on PvPI’s...

  • Need for constant vigilance

    An analysis on the progress of India’s pharmacovigilance programme

  • FDD Conclave 2017: A congregation of R&D leaders

    In an endeavour to encourage research and innovation in the rapidly evolving field of formulation development and drug delivery, Express Pharma and The Indian Express Group hosted the inaugural...

  • Sanjeevani for AYUSH

    AYUSH could be the answer to India's unmet medical needs but only if it is backed by scientific validation and credible evidence

  • Taking the green path

    Express Pharma analyses efforts to make the formulation development and drug discovery process more sustainable and environment-friendly

  • Leading the pack

    Kanish Malik, President, Operations, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and SV Veerramani, Founder and Chairman, Fourrts India, explain the philosophy behind their sustainability efforts.

  • Thinking beyond medicines and products

    Vivek P Adhia, Strategy Head – Climate, WRI India, Tanvi Bongale, Sr Project Associate, Climate, WRI India, Shruti Karkhedkar, Air Quality Intern, WRI India, elaborate on how the pharma...