Medical Tourism Special

  • Journeying For Good Health

    Visitors from across the world are coming to our shores in pursuit of affordable and quality healthcare services. Yet, it is imperative to mitigate inadequacies...

  • Hospital care: Cue from hospitality

    PK Mohan Kumar, MD & CEO, Comfort Healthcare and Tourism, explains the trend of integrating the values of the hospitality industry into hospitals to enrich...

  • New Delhi to host Advantage Health Care – India 2015 in October

    To promote India as a premier global healthcare destination

  • SRMC International Patients Care and Services

    The hospital provides the best services while consciously meeting the expectations of patients

  • Treating Morbid Adherent Placenta Previa successfully

    A case study of an elderly patient with IVF induced twin pregnancy who survived a concurrent aberrant placenta previa and morbid adherent placenta induced massive...

  • A ray of hope

    Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi presents a case study of successful haploidentical (half matched) family donor stem cell transplantation in...

  • HBG Medical Assistance

    Pioneering the distribution model for medical assistance business

  • Advanced micro neurosurgery to the rescue

    Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Coimbatore presents case studies where advancements in neurosurgery helped relieve patients suffering from defective vision due to optic nerve compression

  • Manage your lifestyle with preventive healthcare

    PSRI Hospital has established a full fledged department of preventive healthcare and lifestyle diseases

  • Spine: The backbone

    Spine or the backbone is the main pillar of our body, which is essential to support and function of our upper limbs (hands for a...