Practo announces expansion to 35 cities in India and abroad

Raises $30 million Series B Financing from Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners

Practo announced its expansion plans to 35 Indian cities and more than six international locations by March 2016. It has raised $30 million Series B Financing from Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners.

Reportedly, it is one of the largest investments into digital health globally and the largest for any Indian healthcare technology company.

“Practo is revolutionising healthcare by enabling consumers to find the best doctors, book instant appointments and make better, more informed health decisions. It is our privilege to work with Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal, the founders of Practo, to scale and bring Practo to millions of consumers around the globe,” said Avnish Bajaj, Co-Founder and MD, Matrix India.

“From our first seed investment in Practo in 2011, the company has come a very long way, thanks to the hard work of an incredibly committed entrepreneurial team. The company has now scaled to being the market leader in online healthcare in India, a category that has created multiple multi-billion dollar companies around the world. We are deeply committed to Practo’s goals and aspirations to transform access to healthcare and positively impact society,” said Shailendra Singh, MD at Sequoia Capital.

EH News Bureau

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