Cardiologists highlight growing incidence of heart failure in India

They were speaking at a press conference held concurrently with the Annual Conference of Cardiology Society of India in Kochi recently

Leading cardiologists  Dr Shirish Hiremath, Consultant Cardiologist & Director – Cardiac Cath Lab, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune; Dr Mahazarin Ginwalla  from Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, University Hospitals, Cleveland; and Dr PP Mohanan, Organising Secretary, Cardiology Society of India -Kerala Chapter  highlight that heart failure is a growing concern and reveal that it is a condition which affects over 60 million people worldwide. In India, approximately 4.6 million patients are living with heart failure. Speaking at a press conference held concurrently with the 68th Annual Conference of Cardiology Society of India held in Kochi from 8-11 December, 2016, the cardiologists drew attention to the fact that there are more people dying of heart failure than cancer.


Doctors unveiling the heart installation to launch Novartis’ Keep It Pumping Initiative

The doctors also educated about the difference between heart failure and heart attacks and provides more information about the condition and its epidemiology. Heart failure is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening condition where the heart cannot pump enough blood around the body. A heart attack is a sudden and unexpected event resulting from blockage in the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscles. Heart failure does not develop overnight – it’s a progressive disease that starts slowly and gets worse over time.


L-R: Dr Hiremath, Dr Ginwalla and Dr PP Mohanan addressing the media

The doctors also elaborated on the importance of effectively managing hypertension as a measure to prevent or delay the onset of heart failure. The doctors also spoke of the huge socio-economic impact of heart failure on the patients and their families.

At the same time, they also expressed hope about growing options for treatment and management and advised early diagnosis to manage it better.

Pharma major Novartis,  also launched, ‘Keep it Pumping’, an initiative dedicated to increasing understanding of heart failure. It will provide information and support to heart failure patients and their loved ones, while also raising awareness among the general public. Keep it Pumping is inviting people to help build a heart made of LEGO bricks and to donate their virtual heartbeat. These heart beats will then be combined to create a unique ‘beat of the nation’ song.