Healthcare Sabha 2017


Around 100 policy makers and public health professionals gathered together at the second edition of Healthcare Sabha 2017. The three-day conference saw public health experts deliberate on ways and means to create a blueprint to facilitate evidence-based policy making, augment excellence in healthcare delivery and eliminate barriers to equitable access. Moreover, public health champions in India were also honoured at the Express Public Health Awards held concurrently

– Message from Union Health Minister, JP Nadda
Welcome Address
Tackling talent crunch: Improving capacity and competence
Sustainable health financing system
NLEM, procurement practices and patient safety: Joining the dots
Cornerstones of availability, affordability, reliability of public tertiary healthcare services and quality medical education in India
Envisioning an integrated health ecosystem
Transition from PSU research scientist to corporate leader
Join the Digital Evolution
Bridging delivery gaps in healthcare through affordable medtech
– The need to scale up stroke care in India’s public health facilities
– Future of imaging

– Single use dilemma
– Talent management in public health
– Health sector governance and resource generation
– Addressing the burden of lifestyle diseases
– Workshop on NLEM-based hospital formulary in a public health facility
– Co-creating a manifesto for a healthy India: Role of an empowered patient
– Issues impacting healthcare industry in 2017
– Role of insurance in creating sustainable health financing system
– Journey to a healthy India
– Govt sponsored schemes: Meant for poor, but beyond their reach?
– Sustainable Health Financing Systems
– Regulatory practices in Gujarat to protect public health
– Ensuring access to quality health services and medicines
– Ushering good governance in public health
– A brief glimpse into the future of healthcare
– Access to quality health services and essential services: The way ahead
– Valedictory address at Express Public Health Awards
– Power Packed discussions at Healthcare Sabha 2017
– Healthcare Sabha 2017 Pays homage to public health champions