Healthcare Sabha

  • MoH&FW introduces daily drug regimen for treatment of tuberculosis

    The change will bring transformation in the approach and the intensity to deal with this disease which accounts for about 4.2 lakh deaths every year...

  • Healthcare Sabha 2017

    Around 100 policy makers and public health professionals gathered together at the second edition of Healthcare Sabha 2017. The three-day conference saw public health experts deliberate on ways and...

  • Message from Union Health Minister, JP Nadda

    I am happy that the Indian Express Group’s Express Healthcare is organising this Healthcare Sabha focussing on public health

  • Welcome Address

    The second edition of Healthcare Sabha 2017 started off with a welcome address by Viveka Roychowdhury, Editor, Express Healthcare & Express Pharma

  • Tackling talent crunch: Improving capacity and competence

    India’s public health sector is plagued by a huge manpower scarcity

  • Sustainable health financing system

    Dr Jitendra Sharma, Director and CEO, Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone spoke on sustainable health financing systems and elaborated on how it touches various segments of the healthcare sector

  • NLEM, procurement practices and patient safety: Joining the dots

    Dr Suresh Saravdekar, Director, The Rural Health & Education Centre, spoke on National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM), procurement practices and patient safety

  • Cornerstones of availability, affordability, reliability of public tertiary healthcare services and quality medical education in India

    Sunil Sharma, Joint Secretary, Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India set the tone for the second day's sessions at Healthcare...

  • Envisioning an integrated health ecosystem

    Angshuman Sarkar, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks Technologies spoke on his organisation's role in strengthening public health systems through its products, citing the example of Bahmni – an open source solution...

  • Transition from PSU research scientist to corporate leader

    In an inspiring session, Dr A Velumani, Founder, CEO and MD, Thyrocare, shared the story of his rise from a PSU scientist to a corporate leader, without losing the...

  • Join the Digital Evolution

    Dilip Bhosale, Head Marketing, India took the stage to give an overview of Agfa Healthcare’s e-health and digital imaging solutions for public health facilities. He...

  • Bridging delivery gaps in healthcare through affordable medtech

    Dr Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam, Director, Healthcare Technologies Incubation Centre, IIT Madras, gave an overview on the medtech advancements in India and its role in rendering quality healthcare services

  • The need to scale up stroke care in India’s public health facilities

    Stroke is not restricted to the old people, in fact almost one fourth of strokes happen in less than 40 years of age

  • Future of imaging

    Sabu Jose, GM, Government, OEM & Corporate Accounts- India Cluster, Carestream Health, said that after working on digitalisation, Carestream plans to work towards bringing it to the ultimate beneficiaries,...

  • Single use dilemma

    Sumit Marwah, CEO & Director, Dispoline India began his session by stating that health in India is provided by public health facilities and they play a more significant role...

  • Talent management in public health

    Ashish Jain, CEO, HSSC in the session, highlighted that amongst the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, the most critical is shortage of human resources

  • Health sector governance and resource generation

    There is recognition of the need to increase stewardship and oversight of healthcare and pension programmes, improve coordination across different implementing agencies, and ensure that social protection programmes remain...

  • Addressing the burden of lifestyle diseases

    Dr Damodar Bachani, Deputy Commissioner, NCD, MoH&FW in this session informed, “Out of all the deaths occurring in India, 60 per cent are caused by NCDs which comprise...

  • Workshop on NLEM-based hospital formulary in a public health facility

    The workshop on NLEM-based hospital formulary in a public health facility, spearheaded by Dr Suresh Saravdekar, Director, The Rural Health & Education Centre, helped gain more understanding about the...

  • Co-creating a manifesto for a healthy India: Role of an empowered patient

    The third day of Healthcare Sabha 2017 began with a key note address by Bejon Misra, Founder, PSM India in which he highlighted the role of most important stakeholder...

  • Issues impacting healthcare industry in 2017

    Vivek Tiwari, Director & CEO, Medikabazaar began by speaking about the challenges he faced in terms of building a marketing engine for enabling medical institutions to gain operational efficiency

  • Role of insurance in creating sustainable health financing system

    KB Srinivas, GM, National Insurance Corporation, gave a brief introduction to the company and spoke about its inception and growth

  • Journey to a healthy India

    Healthcare and education should be integrated with the help of digitisation, informs Bhudeb Chakravarti, Honorary President, Centre for Development of Excellence, Client Principal, ThoughtWorks

  • Govt sponsored schemes: Meant for poor, but beyond their reach?

    Prof Dayashankar Maurya, highlighted about the current spendings of Government Sponsored Health Insurance Schemes (GSHIS) which is around Rs 2500 cr on various national and state-run schemes

  • Sustainable Health Financing Systems

    The prerequisites for an ideal health financing system in India are improved health indicators, reduced burden of catastrophic expenditure and improved equity by applying some of the principles of...

  • Regulatory practices in Gujarat to protect public health

    May all beings be happy; may all beings be healthy; may all beings see beauty everywhere; may all beings be free from suffering

  • Ensuring access to quality health services and medicines

    RP Khandelwal, Chairman, HLL Lifecare, started off by outlining the current scenario of public health in India