UN recognises 1mg for Sustainable Development Goals


1mg aspires to make healthcare work for patients and restore faith in the institution of medicine

Digital healthcare platform ‘1mg’ was selected along with 16 companies from across the world as a part of Unreasonable Goals Program, targeted at helping solve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The UN has identified 17 SDGs for the planet – which 193 countries have signed on to. For each goal, one company has been selected from around the world and 1mg has been handpicked as the model that could impact healthcare in a meaningful way (Goal #3: Health & Well Being for All). The programme is run by the Unreasonable group in partnership with the State Department and other global agencies.

1mg aspires to make healthcare work for patients and restore faith in the institution of medicine, which is rapidly losing consumer trust due to opacity and misaligned interests. The company leverages technology to make healthcare transparent, understandable, accessible and affordable for patients.

In acknowledgment of the critical part business visionaries play in tending to worldwide difficulties and meeting the SDGs, the US Department of State joined forces with unreasonable group to dispatch unreasonable goals. The programme is designed to identify and support high growth ventures that have the potential to scale rapidly and use market forces to bring meaningful positive change across the 17 SDGs. Following a concentrated half year process, 16 organisations were chosen for this programme. Many of the entrepreneurs behind these endeavours originate from outside of the US counting Prashant Tandon, who established 1mg an organisation exceptionally suited to address Goal #3 of the SDGs which is to better the healthcare ecosystem.