ScanDENT completes five years of service


Imparts the best possible treatment through efficient use of CBCT technology in an inclusive manner

ScanDENT, an innovation-driven dental and ENT imaging solutions provider, based in Mumbai, has established its imaging centres in key locations to enable local dentists and dental surgeons to collaborate with it. It imparts the best possible treatment through the efficient use of CBCT technology in an inclusive manner that is cost-effective and accessible for all. ScanDENT has successfully completed five years of its impeccable operations, with over 40,000 plus patients.

A pioneer of CBCT technology in India, ScanDENT offers an array of dental and ENT solutions which include 3D CBCT scans, 2D OPG x-rays, and extra-oral x-rays along with comprehensive Cone Beam CT scan reports. Its dental imaging centres also provide stereolithographic 3D model services along with guided surgery templates for dental implantology. ScanDENT’s state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT (CBCT) technology is known to have minimal radiation dosage with effective radiation less than 20 to 30 times a conventional CT scan. These radiations can also be collimated on a defined area, which decreases a patient’s exposure to radiation and eliminates the risk of medical conditions.

Dr.Gautam Deshpande, MD, ScanDENT Imaging said, “As the awareness around 3D CBCT technology increases, we are experiencing phenomenal demand for our end-to-end services. ScanDENT is addressing this growing demand with its well-placed, state-of-the-art CBCT imaging and micro-imaging centres, with a proven track-record of offering high-quality and virtually distortion-free 2D as well as 3D imagery. As another plus side, these facilities are equipped with armamentarium having low radiation dosage, thus granting technologically-evolved and medically safer diagnostic solutions to our customers. We look forward to collaborating with an increased number of dental experts in the city to enable them to offer better and safer healthcare solutions to their patients.”

The platform, at present, has 11 standalone CBCT imaging centres in Mumbai across the city and renowned names such as Dr VS Mohan, Dr Burzin Khan, and Dr Rushitum Mistry onboard, who have established a popular reputation in the dentist fraternity. ScanDENT provides quick turnaround for dental queries and has well-distributed access points for client convenience and seamless customer experience. The imaging centre’s cutting-edge technological services are trusted by innumerable dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, ENT specialists, hospitals, dental colleges for CBCT scan services across the region.