PD Hinduja Hospital conducts a free diabetes check-up camp in Mumbai


On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, more than 1000 Mumbaikars participated in the free camp to check for diabetes

PD Hinduja Hospital conducted a free Diabetes checkup camp at Churchgate and CST stations, Mumbai today. Trained hospital staff conducted Random Blood Sugar (RBS) tests to check glucose levels of participants along with height, weight and blood pressure check. Result of the tests were shared with those that participated, along with expert advice on how to keep diabetes at bay. The camp witnessed participation from more than 1000 Mumbaikars.


Gautam Khanna, CEO, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, “We are extremely proud and thankful to the Western and Central Railway for their support in creating awareness on diabetes amongst Mumbaikars. There is enough data and evidence to show that the current incidence and burden of diabetes amongst Indians is extremely alarming, with several people being completely unaware of the fact that they are at risk of becoming diabetic. Through this camp, our hospital aims to support Mumbaikars and contribute to creating 360-degree awareness around the disease, and share advice on positive and effective lifestyle changes that will help them steer away from the chronic disease.”

pic-3-on-world-diabetes-daOn the occasion Ravinder Bhakar, Chief PRO, Western Railway said, “Today is World Diabetes Day, an important reminder that Diabetes has become a problematic lifestyle related disease. I am proud of the initiative with PD Hinduja Hospital, and pleased with the response we received from the public towards the camp. We want to encourage camps like this and encourage the public to fight diabetes.”

Dr Phulrenu Chauhan, Endocrinology and Diabetic Consultant, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, “Diabetes mellitus management is not just about taking the prescribed medications but about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a shift and work towards prevention, rather than cure. Since both Churchgate and CST station witnesses’ huge movement of people, we believe an awareness camp like this would be most effective to reach out to the general public and educate them on diabetes.”