GOQii expands healthcare services


The services will be available in India and will roll out to other countries through 2018

GOQii, the preventive healthcare platform, is expanding its healthcare services to GOQii health 3.0 ecosystem. As part of the new services offerings, GOQii is introducing Smart Preventive Health Care plans and a new fitness tracker. GOQii health 3.0 consists of a suite of new offerings that will be available to all existing GOQii users in the beginning of 2018. These services will be available in India and will roll out to other countries through 2018.

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii says: “As our platform expands we are trying to fulfil the health care needs of an entire family instead of just an individual. There are number of active players who have already enrolled their families on the platform for over two years. Based on this learning and experiences, we were prompted to introduce family care plans. We found that families who adopt healthy lifestyle together develop stronger family bonds and are more likely to accomplish their health goals.”

Gondal adds, Gaming has proven as an effective tool for behaviour modification. With the addition of Cognitive Gaming, your health experience will become more fun, engaging and good for your brain and help prevent conditions like Alzheimer and Dementia.”

Gondal further adds, “There is loads of information on health and health services and products online. An individual is in dilemma about what is right and what to choose. We decided to ease the confusion by curating and offering ur players a suit of health products and services based on his/her needs and preferences thus, helping them to move to a healthier lifestyle. All our partners have been carefully chosen after a detailed study. In the case of food services, we will also be able to customise the menus as per GOQii expert’s recommendations.”