Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital launches Fellowship Program on Obesity

A unique MUHS-recognised programme focused at creating awareness about obesity and training doctors to become specialists in managing obesity

Mumbai-based Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital has introduced a Fellowship Program on Obesity – the first of its kind to be recognised by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS). It has been designed with the objective of training doctors to become specialists in managing obesity. The doctors will   receive comprehensive training from a distinguished panel of medical experts.

The MUHS will nominate doctors for this programme. They will be trained to follow a multi-disciplinary approach to manage obesity, and to ensure that they are able to make a lasting difference to the health and life of patients, while educating other stakeholders on the precautionary measures to reduce the prevalence of obesity across India. The course curriculum has been designed by medical experts, keeping in mind that India is expected to become the obesity capital in next 10 years.

Dr Sujit Chatterjee, CEO, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospitals, said, “Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital reinforces the importance of healthy living and this initiative is a step in this direction. This initiative is one of the many essential elements of the comprehensive health safety initiative to tackle obesity in India that has been undertaken by the hospital, and is also addressed by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. As a responsible healthcare services provider, we intend to create awareness about obesity and enable current and upcoming healthcare professionals to become  specialists in managing obesity.”

Obesity is considered a modern ailment that requires urgent attention, as it is closely linked to 110 serious diseases. Talking about the growing prevalence of obesity in rural and urban India, Dr Vimal Pahuja, General Physician and programme co-ordinator, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital said, “The world statistics rank India very high as far as obesity prevalence and numbers are concerned. According to National Family Health Survey-4, the obesity burden has doubled in both urban and rural India over the last decade.”

“Obesity is currently not included in academia, due to which there is a limited understanding of the subject among medical professionals. In this one-year programme we aim to impart an understanding of the disease, and move away from it being treated only at a cosmetic level. I would like to congratulate Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital and MUHS for taking the first step towards including obesity in academia” said, Dr Jayashree Todkar, the first lady bariatric surgeon in Asia.