Aetna International launches ‘vHealth by Aetna’ in India

There are plans to have four million members in India by 2020, with revenue of Rs 300 crore

Aetna International has announced the first phase of the global launch of ‘vHealth by Aetna’. India is the first market in the world to see the launch of ‘vHealth by Aetna’ and is set to become the centre of excellence for global expansion of this service, with subsequent launches planned in other key global markets later this year. The Indian Health Organisation, Aetna International’s fully-owned subsidiary in India, plans to have four million members in India by 2020, with revenue of Rs 300 crore.

The service is set to give patients a different experience when they see a doctor, designed so that doctors have extended time with patients, to listen to their concerns, and treat them with courtesy and professionalism. Consultations will be delivered virtually, through a new mobile app, where they can communicate with in-house primary doctors by video call, or by telephone call. The doctors can prescribe, refer to specialists, and advise on medical concerns. Not only does the service provide comprehensive, accessible primary healthcare, it also paves the way for a fully connected care package, reducing the need for hospital visits, and allowing members to manage their own health and keep all their health care records in one place.

‘vHealth by Aetna’ will reduce the need for a physical consultation by an average of 47 per cent. Patients can rate their doctors immediately, and each doctor is carefully audited to ensure only the highest care, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality.

Diagnostic tests can be arranged at the member’s home and medication can be delivered to their door. Doctors will also refer members to appropriate medical specialists at partner centres at discounted prices where appropriate.

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