• Ayushman Bharat: The countdown begins

    The Cabinet’s approval of Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) on March 21 officially sets the ball rolling on the implementation of this flagship...

  • Is the NMC Bill 2017 jinxed?

    The National Medical Commission Bill, 2017 seeks to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI), an association tainted by corruption charges

  • Budget or ‘fudge’it, only time will tell

    Even if FM Jaitley has rectified the mistakes of Obamacare, will this government have the time to implement Modicare?

  • Patient interest vs political gains

    When politics and poll promises become the main force behind policies, we end up with short term gains and most likely long-term pain

  • Introspect, self regulate or face the music … again

    Aadya’s death and family’s decision to go public, even though it meant reliving their tragedy two months after her death, will not be in vain...

  • War of words on medtech pricing

    When Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu met US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer for the 11th round of the US-India Trade Policy Forum (TPF) in...

  • Eman Ahmed, RIP

    The sad news of the demise of Egyptian national Eman Ahmed took me back to my editorial column of June 2017

  • Towards a healthcare utopia

    In the month when we commemorate 70 years of independence, it was indeed heartbreaking to see more than 70 children succumb to Japanese Encephalitis (JE)...

  • Will increased scrutiny reform or reverse the healthcare sector?

    A foray into healthcare seems to be Kolkata-based ITC's latest bid to transform itself from a cigarette-maker into a diversified corporate across FMCG

  • The PSU play in healthcare

    The days of public sector units (PSUs) in India are clearly numbered

  • Hope vs hype

    In early May, Egypt's Eman Ahmed was airlifted from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi post her merely two-month long bariatric surgery and treatment at Saifee Hospital

  • Finding a middle path

    The government’s commitment to rein in the cost of healthcare, has pitted various stakeholders of the sector against each other

  • Pragmatism wins over populism

    India finally got a new National Health Policy (NHP), 15 years after the last one

  • Stents today, implants tomorrow?

    The Government of India had a very unique Valentine Day gift for Indian citizens, especially cardiac patients

  • Rebuilding trust

    A quick read through the year end review of the initiatives and achievements of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is impressive

  • The politics of public health

    India ended 2016 hanging onto the words of Prime Minister Modi, as he made his second national address on the eve of 2017

  • When the old leads the new

    We live in a complex world, of myriad identities but the ironies are delicious

  • Building a manifesto for a healthy India

    The second draft of the medical devices regulations seems to have got both MNC and domestic medical device manufacturers on the same page

  • Proposed NMC Bill draws flak

    How much regulation is too much

  • Calling all Healthcare Senators…

    The healthcare sector in India has many pain points but that is precisely why it has attracted so much attention from entrepreneurs, both new...

  • Public good or publicity stunt?

    One man's medicine is another man's poison

  • India’s action plan to tackle AMR

    Too much of a good thing is generally bad for you. And in the case of antibiotics, could even kill you

  • Regulating the regulators

    The Supreme Court’s decision in end May to mandate a single national entrance exam for UGH and PG medical seats from next year, has merely...

  • Right time for IPOs?

    As we go to press in end April, Dr A Velumani's Thyrocare Technologies (Thyrocare) looks set to have a successful debut on the Indian stock...

  • Healing public healthcare

    Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare JP Nadda's recent statement that "devolution, decentralisation and timely responsiveness would be the focus of the National...

  • Debating public health priorities

    A recent release from the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India stirred up a hornet's nest

  • 2016-17: A year for healthcare?

    As the number of confirmed cases of Zika virus infection crossed the 20,000 mark in Columbia, the World Health Organization (WHO), called an emergency meeting...