Wellness within and beyond


Located on top of the Healing Hills in Visakhapatnam, Pema Wellness at Baypark offers a synchronised space to work on one’s holistic well being. The wellness resort has adopted many culinary trends and regional therapies making it the new healing hub in the region

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Eastern Ghats on the other, Pema Wellness at Baypark is spread over 28 acres, making it an ideal prerequisite for relaxation and holistic well-being. The unique crafted artifacts collected from all over the world add a different touch to the minimalist theme. The healing area is 100,000 sq ft with 20,000 sq ft of therapy rooms, a spacious restaurant overlooking the sea, a 7000 sq ft fitness and therapeutic yoga studio. The healing journey for the guests begin with an appointment with the clinical experts who then suggest the treatment plans and their duration. A minimum stay of seven days is suggested by the team to complete a wellness journey.

Col S S Minhas

Col S S Minhas

Speaking to Food & Hospitality World, Col S S Minhas, general manager, Pema Wellness at Baypark says, “Embracing a naturopathic vision, Pema Wellness at Baypark is driven by the rhythm and flow of nature to revive the synergy between the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental expressions within. A bespoke programme customised to suit the respective goals of each guest, our therapeutic nutrition, daily guided meditation, yoga and healing practices come together to create a holistic experience of well being with naturopathy at the core.”

The property features 136 rooms and four suites offering an elevated breath-taking sea view from every room. Popo Danes, an acclaimed architect from Bali has designed the place, strategically using the location with the idea of wellness. The hand finished walls give a distinct characteristic to the property.

Dr S N Murthy

Dr S N Murthy

Dr S N Murthy heads the clinical team that guides the guest through a purpose driven programme. Pema’s specialisation lies in the fact that it has a professional team working on customised therapies and individual needs. Explaining the various therapies, Murthy, says, “Pema Wellness is the integration of the following facilities: naturopathy diagnostics and consultations, therapeutic procedures, acupuncture, detoxification and rejuvenation , yoga and meditation, clinical diet and nutrition among other core services. Some other manipulative therapies here include colon therapy, whirl pool bath, panchakarma shirodhara, jet bath or jet spray massage, ozone steam bath among many other treatments. All these therapies have various therapeutic benefits and indications. These are to be managed with proper focus on diet.”

spa-2While the dedicated team assists guests at every step, the culinary experts help to balance it with proper dietary control. Minhas, mentions, “The Pema cuisine reflects eight years of experience in the fine dining space to promote proper health and wellness. With a strong belief in one’s diet being one’s medicine, the Pema provides technically researched nutritious diet. Diet is tailored to individual requirements following elements like balanced nutrition, detoxification, healing, rejuvenation and reconstruction. The restaurant also enables one to relish a nutritious meal while looking at the panoramic view of the city along the sea.”

spa-3The property is a high-end wellness destination for both domestic as well as the international travellers. It has only kicked off in the past year and the marketing team has been consistent in spreading awareness about the new property. Minhas shares, “This state-of-the-art wellness centre caters to both national and international guests. We have had guests visiting us from all over India as well as international guests from the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, etc.”

The resort wants guests to be consistent on their journey. Minhas informs, “Sustainability is a journey towards wellness which must be a continuous one. When the guest stays with us comes to a close, it is not seen as the culmination of the journey towards a healthier and healed self. Pema Wellness ensures the sustained cultivation of a healthy lifestyle that remains long after one leaves our abode.”

He concludes by adding, “The wellness scene is very promising and has gained further momentum with an emerging awareness towards health and wellness. Located at Vizag, a beautiful city with a long mesmerising coastline privy to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, it is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh, also known as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’. Resplendent with hills and beaches, it is a tourist’s delight showcasing a lot of potential for the growing travel market.”