The heritage of wellness


Slovenia has a centuries old spa tradition. The healing effects of the country’s water resources can be experienced at the mineral and thermal springs enjoyed as baths and inhaling treatments

Slovenia has around 100 natural thermal springs with temperature ranging from 32 to 73°C. Living (Slov.: živa) water can be found everywhere, giving the name to Živa, the Slavic goddess of love with her very own temple set up in the middle of Lake Bled. From Ljubljana and central Slovenia, it takes only an hour or two to drive to the south, east or west of the country to relax in the thermal mineral or salt waters. The three directions respectively lead to the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian plains. The mountains are abundant in fresh spring water from the Alpine rivers, lakes and waterfalls invigorate the body and mind, the sea water with its brine and salt-pan mud has a cleansing and refreshing effect, and the thermal water from under the hills of the south-eastern Slovenia soothes and regenerates. As many as 15 certified Slovenian natural spa resorts rank among the top Slovenian tourist destinations.

Centuries old traditions

Although the Slovenian nature, marked by the vividly green colour that comes from the many water resources, has an intrinsically calming effect, the deep thermal springs add a unique quality to the country and help visitors improve their health.  The synergy resulting from the combination of natural resources, the hundred years of spa tradition, and the art of wellness and health programmes provides more than a perfect platform for an active holiday. Slovenian spa resorts are ranked among the top spas in Europe and worldwide. By continuously complementing and refreshing the range of services, the spas play an increasingly important role when it comes to the vibe, culture and cuisine of the local environment.


In Terme Catež, which is the largest thermal pool complex in Slovenia, the wellness services in the modern health centre go hand in hand with the cuisine, wine and sports experiences. The nearby spa of Dolenjske Toplice (part of Terme Krka) allows relaxation in the midst of forests, being renowned for medical wellness which focuses on the psychological and physical fitness, including medical rehabilitation programmes. The Trivago hotel website lists the Balnea Hotel of Terme Dolenjske Toplice among the top seven European wellness hotels, offering a range of relaxation and other spa packages. The Šmarješke Toplice spa resort (Terme Krka) features a state-of-the-art Vitarium Spa & Clinique medical wellness centre featuring programmes to improve quality of life and weight loss in line with one’s genetic predisposition. The programmes help maintain natural balance, vitality and creativity regardless of age, promoting regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


Vibrant spa resorts in the Pannonian plains Eastern Slovenia features a number of drill holes with thermal mineral water. Searching for oil in this area in the 1960s resulted in the discovery of geothermal springs at the depth of approximately 800 metres.

The regions of Štajerska and Pomurje are known for spa and wellness programmes within the Sava Hotels & Resorts thermal centres: Terme Ptuj with its ancient Roman history, Terme 3000 (Moravske Toplice) with its black thermal water, Zdravilišce Radenci with its programmes aimed at cardiovascular diseases, and Terme Banovci and Terme Lendava with their paraffin water.

New experiences

The wellness programmes have been increasingly combined with outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging and other recreational sports. The diverse supplementary offer clearly proves that a spa is not only a place for older people where nothing exciting is going on. In the wine-growing area at the very junction of Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, a number of natural, cultural and ethnological points of interests await to be explored.

The region of Štajerska also has a plethora of new experiences to offer. In the midst of apple, pear and plum orchard meadows, Terme Olimje welcomes its visitors with the largest sauna programme and the most prestigious wellness centre in Slovenia. Here, the focus is on selfness and taking care of oneself.


At the very heart of the Karavanke mountain range, Terme Topolšica is a perfect place for relaxation, soothing the mind in the midst of a beautiful scenery. The climate and the surrounding woods provide an ideal atmosphere for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, combat against stress and outdoor sports activities. At Terme Zrece, the focus is placed on healing effects of the Pohorje forests, where health is nurtured by means of acratothermal water, soothing baths and wraps made of mountain peat gathered in the Pohorje hills.

Visitors can pamper themselves at the new wellness centre in the Natura Hotel or walk to the nearby Lovrenc lakes located on the high-altitude peat marshes between the hills of Rogla and Ribniško Pohorje. Rogla is known both as a climate spa resort and a ski sports centre. At Thermana Laško, the stimulating energy of 100-year-old springs is cleverly combined with the local beer-brewing and bee-keeping tradition. While there, why not have a beer or honey bath?


The nearby Terme Dobrna is the oldest operating Slovenian thermal spa, famous for its 600-year tradition in healing wraps. Typical marble baths and a feng shui park help balance the energies in the body.

Enjoying the sensation of sea and sun, the healing effects of sea mud and salt water can be experienced at the Talaso Strunjan Spa Resort. With its exceptional location right by the sea, at the heart of a landscape park, it is famous for its thalasso therapy centre.


A comprehensive wellness, health and thermal programme is also available at the Terme & Wellness LifeClass resort in Portorož, where ancient techniques originating in the Far East are combined with modern medicine and complemented with nature’s gifts provided by the sea and salt pans. In the midst of the Secovlje Salina Nature Park, where salt is still produced manually in line with methods that are more than 700 years old, the Lepa Vida open-air Thalasso center brings the body in tune with nature.

Health in a glass of cold mineral water

Are you familiar with the refreshing mineral water with the highest magnesium content in the world? Guests can enjoy a drink of the Donat Mg water that originates from the Rogaška Health Resort. The resort offers modern-style body detoxification by the use of world-renowned mineral water.


Cold, drinking mineral water is also available at the Radenci Health Resort. Discovered in the 19th century, it soon became the official water at the Vienna royal court. The brand is known for its typical logo of three red hearts featured on the label of the Radenska water bottle.

Today, Slovenian natural spa resorts are like royal courts, entirely committed to serving the guests. Far from the urban hustle and bustle, in pristine nature, visitors can take time for themselves, rediscovering their inner balance and well-being.