i-PHA’s new initiative to create a community of budding housekeepers


i-Professional Housekeepers Association (i-PHA) recently announced the launch of ‘GenX Housekeepers – Breaking Boundaries’ during an event at Country Inn Suites and Resorts in Gurugram. The new initiative has been designed and framed to create a community for budding housekeepers. It will be a platform for the young ones of the fraternity to communicate, share and innovate new ideas, thoughts and programmes. The committee will focus on educating hotel management students, the right traits of housekeepers and how effectively they are creating a difference.

Speaking to Food & Hospitality World, Ayush Agarwal, founder, GenX Housekeepers, said, “GenX wants to take the fraternity to a new level of development and growth. It will also help to create the right successors for hospitality as a whole.”

Shail Gupta, co-founder, GenX Housekeepers Association, commented, “GenX by i-PHA is an association to promote the young crowd to opt for housekeeping as a career. It will be a platform where budding housekeepers will get an opportunity to showcase their talent and commitment towards the fraternity. At the same time we will also be approaching young students who will be opting for housekeeping as their career choice.”

Our next campaign will provide a platform to the students of hotel management colleges to demonstrate their abilities and become professional housekeepers in the future. Agarwal further added, “Our main focus is to associate with new colleges and get them to understand housekeeping in a better way so they can pick it as a career. Apart from this, we will also focus on collaborating with NGOs for CSR activities like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or raising awareness about the girl child.”

GenX is a joint venture by the founders of i-PHA, Sonia Mital, executive housekeeper, Ramada, Mumbai and Vaishali Sinha, director, housekeeping, Melhua The Fern, Mumbai, along with Ayush Agarwal, corporate housekeeper, OYO Townhouse & Flagship and Shail Gupta, housekeeping consultant. The mission will be to work in partnership with the fraternity, society, businesses and government, to strive for excellence in meeting the needs of the growing hospitality sector, through the provision of new technology, recreational, environmental, cultural, constructive and welfare programmes. It will be a platform to innovate, create, share and implement new ideas, processes, product and talent pool for inclusive access to fraternity whilst promoting cross-cultural understanding.

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