Increasing your online presence


The Startapp Global provides e-commerce websites, mobile apps, digital marketing services for restaurants, cafe, bakeries and online retailers. Elaborating on the services, Aditya Jain, co- founder, Startapp Global, stated, “We basically help restaurants, cafes and retailers to get their own e-commerce mobile apps and websites. These apps and websites help our customer gain more business, build a more loyal customer base and build their name into a brand.”

Not restricted to just one service, the company enables control over online and offline operational systems. Jain added, “We specialise our services for hospitality clients. Along with the app and website we also provide an all integrated POS system to our customers. Restaurants today have a great offline presence, but have fail to make an impact online which is why they are still doing business through aggregators. Aggregators charge huge commissions and above that advertisement expenses.”

Not an app, rather than developer of tech products for brands, Startapp Global is the only company that provides 100 per cent native e-commerce apps and websites at subscription basis. Jain informed, “We provide them to build them a loyal customer base generating higher revenue. Services like customer online ordering, maintaining customer loyalty, accepting online payments, brand building are some of the most important things where our company provides help. No more orders are missed out during busy hours, one can maintain customer history and online revenue are some of the added benefits of using our services.”

Speaking about the trends that are changing the dynamics of the service sector, Jain opined, “Cloud kitchens are already changing the scenario with high cost savings and faster deliveries. Individual e-commerce website and apps will be the future as restaurants will be decreasing their dependencies on aggregators and start building their own online sales channels. Industry giants like Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC have already started establishing their channels. Others will have to follow soon.”

“Digitisation has completely changed the scenario. Online presence is a must for every restaurant today. Restaurants are getting more orders online rather than offline. Right now they are too much dependent on aggregators for their online  business. Getting their own website and portal is very important to maintain your own control over the business. Plus it helps you establish a brand, “ he concluded.