EssEmm Corporation: The trendsetters in commercial kitchen automation

EssEmm Corporation was established in 1997 in the industrial city of Coimbatore. The company is promoted by M Sathish Kumar, who has decades of industry experience. The company started its operations in a small way, catering to the needs of hotels, restaurants and industrial canteens and established itself as a prominent player in the industry in a short span of time. EssEmm has brought in a revolution in commercial cooking with its ultra-modern innovative equipment like the combi steamer, cook wok, vegetable processing machines, deep fat fryer, pressure fryer, bakery equipment and dishwashers. Additionally, the company also has an array of preparatory machines like the rice washer, vegetable washer, tilting and instant grinders, chutney machines among other equipment. Today a modern kitchen can be set up with just two core cooking equipment like the combi steamer and the cook wok. In addition to these machines, supportive machines like the fryers, dishwashers and preparatory machines like rice washer, vegetable washer, vegetable cutters, grinders and dough kneader – when operated in tandem – will be sufficient for the smooth functioning of a commercial kitchen.

Cosmos, the company’s registered trademark promoted and engineered for its range of products, has created a revolution in the commercial kitchen machines industrial segment. In its own branding area, the company makes Cook Wok, vegetable washers, vegetable cutters, multi utility grinders (MUG), potato peeling machines, dough Kneaders, cutter mixers, Chapathi making machines and coconut scrappers. Cosmos products are used by all leading caterers, canteens, hotels and restaurants. Cosmos products are exported to the Middle East, Singapore, the USA and Australia.

Foreseeing the requirement and acceptance for the quality imported machines, striving to get world renowned brands under its umbrella has been on since the beginning. The international companies find a trustworthy partnership in EssEmm Corporation as the business ethics, value for brand dealt with, support to the clients are upheld always.

In the area of import distribution, the company represents some of the world leaders in the hospitality and food processing industries – Roboqbo Italy for universal cutters, Broaster USA for pressure fryers, Convotherm Germany for Combi Steamers, Chung Shen Taiwan for cooking mixers, Comenda Italy for dish washers, Hallde Sweden for vegetable processing machines, Pitco USA for deep fryers, Middleby Marshall USA for conveyor pizza ovens, Frijado Netherlands for Rotisseries, Nilma Italy for vegetable washers, IMC UK for vegetable peelers, Sirman Italy for meat processing machines, Bertos Italy for Cooking Islands, Firex Italy for braising pans to name a few.

EssEmm Corporation has branch operations in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi and Hyderabad. It has a professional management system in place. The quality management system of EssEmm Corporation complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by TUV. EssEmm Corporation doesn’t stop just at supplying the machines; it goes a step further in providing total comprehensive solutions for commercial cooking by providing the kitchen layout, proposing the right equipment based on the customer requirement and the kitchen space available. The company ensures maximum cooking capability is achieved in a minimum space. EssEmm Corporation does not restrict to the marketing activity alone, but also takes care of the installation and commissioning of the equipment and thereafter the after-sale service, if required.

EssEmm Corporation believes in providing a total package to its customers and is proud to be the vendor for highly reputed organisations in the hospitality industry, educational institutions, industrial kitchens and hospitals. The company has a vast and satisfied clientele pan India and abroad. EssEmm Corporation, through its group venture EssEmm FoodTech Innovations, has made a revolutionary start in the food processing sector. The motto is to provide best solutions for the Indian food processing industry and help them automate their processes and increase the standard of production and shelf life. EssEmm FoodTech Innovations has partnered with Roboqbo Italy to bring its QBO Universal Food Processing System to India and launching the same in a big way.

Universal Food Processing System is a perfect choice for pastries, chocolate, ice cream, gastronomy, restaurants, food processing, ready meals, dairy products, etc. QBO is a complete and versatile work tool that cooks, cools, concentrates, refines, cuts and mixes all types of food products. EssEmm FoodTech Innovations has also partnered with other brands – Kronen Germany for vegetable processing machines, DC Norris UK for food production systems, Mill Powder Taiwan for powdering and pulverising spices for food and pharma industry, Chung Shen Taiwan  for  cooking mixers, curries, base gravies, sautéing, stir cooking, etc.