Bringing back the ‘retro’ trend in dinnerware


Deepak Agarwal

Clay Craft is a crockery manufacturer that offers ceramic and bone china crockery in different styles, sizes and colours. Started in 1994, Clay Craft has been in the hospitality industry for more than two decades. From ceramic dinner sets, bone china dinnerware to ceramic mugs and tea sets, the brand has been able to build international business with strong presence in the India market. The latest trends today have changed the entire segment. Talking to Food & Hospitality World, Deepak Agarwal, director, Clay Craft, opined, “Since the past few years, we are seeing ‘casual’ as a trend in hotel-ware industry. The new and as well as old hoteliers are using the latest trends for the tableware settings. They are experimenting with ‘mix-and-match’ concepts or bright coloured dinnerware instead of the classic plain whites.”

Clay Craft has invested in continuous research and development to provide functional ceramic dinnerware with close attention to utility and design. Agarwal added, “This year, we are bringing the ‘retro’ trend and mixing it up with casual and classic trends in tableware industry. We will introduce  stylish, bright and vibrant coloured dinnerware, platters and accessories as well as smooth embossed plain-white collection.”

“Traditionally hotels and restaurants are known to use a lot of white dinnerware with maybe a little logo or lines for a personalised touch. But in recent past, the experts and chefs have been doing more experiments, not only with their tableware but with their décor, food presentations etc. Clay Craft now also focuses on providing customised solution by providing options to choose colours, glaze effects, sizes etc, to help the professionals select their preferred tableware,” he mentioned.

Commenting on the rise of special demands by the hotels, he stated, “Yes, the hotel and restaurant owners/ chefs tend to prefer the products which can be molded to cater to their specific requirement. Be it adding colour as per the ambience of the hotel or providing the customised shape and size of the products. Some producers go over the fence with experiments which may result in a jaw-dropping look or feel that may lack the basic utility of a product.”