The Golden Edge


Founded in 1989 by Ketan R Sheth, Goldmine Projects Consultants has innovated time and again to give the hospitality industry a new edge in architecture and interior design. The brand is known for its unique combination of services in delivering turnkey projects

Ketan Sheth

Ketan Sheth

Architecture and design play a vital role in reinventing a place by giving it a new outlook. The core purpose at Goldmine Projects is to re-energise a living space by providing beautiful and comfortable solutions through imagination, creation and execution. The brand provides aesthetically designed and immaculately planned projects with an eye on fine details that accentuate the particular qualities of a place. Some new innovations have caught on as trends and are changing the dynamics of hotel design.

201706eh049Speaking to Food & Hospitality World about how the industry has changed in the past years, Ketan R Sheth, owner, Goldmine Projects shares, “The trend has changed as designers keep exploring with new materials like exposed brick finishes, open ceiling concepts, raw rustic look with an art form which is more emphasised to define a space. These new trends are a blend of concepts being called ‘Fusion’ which is combination of two or more themes for making space aspect more vivacious, energetic and defining as per trademark. Today, the themes used in interior design are not always consistent with specific period styles. This affords the ability to mix pieces from various periods. However, each element needs to contribute to function, form or both.”

Over the years, architects and designers have rediscovered the distinctive furniture of the 50s and 60s. The designers of today have the option to use both natural and man-made materials. ‘Old is new’ is highly transforming the face of interiors today. The mixing of accent and task lighting is used to create a visually appealing atmosphere, he mentions.

201706eh048Trends are changing at a very fast pace in the interiors industry as well but the brand keeps innovating in order to introduce new concepts. Sheth reinforces, “Today’s guests look forward to more than just the provision of classic bed, study table, wardrobe etc, which are a regular part of the hotel room interior, common over the past years. Guests expect luxury and comfort that they cannot get at home. Hence, each interior of a modern venue is designed keeping this factor in mind as the ‘key ingredients’ for a trendy hotel room.”

He adds, “Also they express the need of an ‘out of the box’ experience. A resort style bathroom, with spa-like features, is basically an open invite to relax and unwind after a long day doing business deal or wandering the city, which must be integrated with all interiors. A hotel’s restaurant needs to be more than just an eatery that serves delicious cuisine. It should provide a luxurious dining experience, along with providing a unique feel.”

Emphasising on the importance of interiors for every hotel, he says, “Interiors give a space an appealing trademark when designed with some theme or concept. It not only adds a unique look to the place but also makes it more functional and valuable. It really can be harnessed to affect our emotions one way or the other. It can also offer a powerful psychological tool for individual self-promotion.”
Goldmine has handled numerous projects across corporate companies, residents and has ventured into the hospitality segment. They recently participated at the FHW Mumbai exhibition in order to reach out to a larger market and showcase their services on a bigger platform.