Resins can floor you!


Flowcrete’s flooring advice for the hotel industry

The hotel industry in India is going through a remarkable period of growth, with the India Brand Equity Foundation estimating that over 7.1 million foreign tourists arrived during 2015. The World Tourism Organisation is expecting foreign tourist arrivals to reach 15.3 million by 2025!

With this visitor boom on the horizon, the nation’s hotel industry needs to ensure that it will be able to provide a sufficient number of high quality facilities in order to meet the impending demand.


One of the key design aspects that developers planning a new hotel or looking to refurbish an existing one need to take into consideration is the choice of flooring – as getting it wrong could mean being stuck with a failing floor that undermines the visual, hygiene and safety standards of an hotel. There are several factors to carefully analyse when going through a hotel’s flooring specification process, with the main priorities being design, functionality and budget. Each part of a hotel will require different flooring properties, so a one-size-fits-all approach cannot be taken throughout a hotel complex.

Flowcrete India has compiled the following flooring advice to help architects and designers understand the various flooring issues in each hotel zone:

Lobby and reception areas: A customer’s first impression is formed the moment they step foot inside a hotel and therefore the reception area needs to ensure that the first impression is always of an inviting, clean and attractive space. It is critical to install a decorative floor that can withstand constant foot traffic as well as pressure from bulky luggage trolleys, heavy furniture and the strains of daily use. Robust epoxy systems such as the seamless resin terrazzo range Mondéco or the decorative epoxy quartz system Peran STB are ideal for such areas.

Kitchens, bars and restaurants: Food handling areas need floors that are easy to clean and that minimise the risk of contamination build up. Central to this is maintaining a seamless and impervious finish in the face of corrosive food byproducts, thermal shock and aggressive cleaning chemicals. Consider using thick, chemical resistant polyurethane floors in such areas.

Guest rooms: This is where the patron needs to feel at home and be able to relax. The interior design should emphasise this atmosphere and the flooring in particular needs to resist dust, maintain the indoor air quality, repel stains, dirt and scuffmarks, while making it easy for the housekeeping staff to keep the rooms clean. Smooth epoxy finishes are a useful, long lasting alternative to the traditional carpets, tiles or wood used in hotel guest rooms.

Indoor and outdoor pool decks: Pool decks can be slippery areas, which if left unaccounted for will likely lead to painful and costly accidents. To minimise this risk the flooring should have enhanced slip resistant properties and it needs to be easy for the staff to remove excess liquid. Systems such as Rustik UV, which consists of natural stones encapsulated in a clear aliphatic, UV stable polyurethane resin meets these requirements and creates an attractive, gravel effect finish.

Alongside these several hotel zones, there is a long list of areas where it is important to thoroughly analyse the demands that will be placed on the floor area prior to discussing the best flooring option with the supplier and applicator. For example, loading areas, laundry rooms, recreation centres, business spaces, wet areas and cold storage rooms will all place specific challenges on the floor finish which could easily cause an insufficient surface to fail.


The increasing levels of visitors bound for India’s cities and tourist attractions means that not only will the nation’s hotels need to be able to provide more accommodation, but they will also be operating in a busier sector, with more competition and higher expectations.

Easy to maintain floors that present a high-end, on-brand image are a must for busy hotel facilities. Resin flooring meets these aesthetic and functional demands and its long-life span means that venues don’t have to worry about the cost of frequent repairs or an early refurbishment.


Flowcrete India has supplied a wealth of hygienic floor, wall and coving solutions under a major refurbishment project for one of the country’s leading chocolate snack and confectionary brands, Cadbury India, at its Induri plant located in Pune, just outside of Mumbai.

Having been acquired by Mondeléz International – an American multinational food and beverage conglomerate with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois – a major refurbishment project was set in motion for Cadbury India’s 40 year old Induri plant, with flooring highlighted as a critical focus of the overhaul amongst other improvements to facilities.

Some 7,000 sq m of Flowcrete India’s anti-microbial and seamless polyurethane flooring system, Flowfresh MF at 4 mm, was selected for application across all corridors as well as in the staff canteen, chocolate moulding areas and raw material storage rooms. 1,500 sq m of a heavy duty alternative from the same range, Flowfresh RT at 6 mm, was selected for use in the plant’s oven crumb facility, which is subject to extremely high temperatures and thermal shock conditions. Both Flowfresh MF and Flowfresh RT contain a silver – based antimicrobial agent, Polygiene, which destroys gram positive and gram negative bacteria on contact and remains active for the lifetime of the floor.

In addition, some 25,000 sq m of Flowcrete’s wall coating system, Flowguard WB was applied across all wall and ceiling areas as well as 2,500 m of polyurethane coving to ensure a hygienic transition between the floor and wall.

The entire project represented a challenging undertaking for Flowcrete India. Not only did the 40 year old plant host a wide variety of existing substrate conditions – ranging from Kota stone to damaged epoxy finishes – but the entire installation had to take place over a tight 12 day shutdown period. Flowcrete India’s approved applicator dedicated a 120-strong skilled workforce to the project, which divided into three teams worked around the clock to deliver a fully operational facility on deadline for the chocolate giant.

Flowcrete is part of The Euclid Group, the international construction chemicals group of RPM International Inc. A world leader in the manufacture of seamless industrial and commercial resin floor, wall and coving solutions as well as other specialist coating technologies, Flowcrete has international manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe and Africa as well as Central and South East Asia. Flowcrete India has offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi and is part of the global Flowcrete organistion.

Flowcrete supplies world-class seamless flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe including decorative seamless resins, waterproof car park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, corrosion protection, self levelling underlayments, underfloor heating and now underfloor acoustic insulation.