Brewing a great tasting beer


Prodeb Brewery introduces advanced Belgian technology micro-brewery equipment in India

Chennai-based Prodeb Brewery, one of the largest and most advanced microbrewery equipment manufacturers in India, has launched state-of-the-art microbrewery equipment developed on advanced Belgian Technology, suitable for producing hand-crafted beers of superior and authentic taste. The company has launched the equipment in Karnataka, Odisha and West Bengal.

Built to perfection in line with the needs and nuances of classic beer making, Prodeb’s breweries feature specially designed lautering vessel that supports in achieving nearly 96 per cent extraction – the highest possible extraction in brewing. The lauter tank of advanced design includes provisions of steam jacket in the vessel. Prodeb’s equipment is designed with a free board of above 40 per cent which guarantees right volume of wort production in the brew house. The advanced multi-step mash system is truly one of its kind and is a main reason for producing great tasting beer.

The quality, aesthetics and technology of Prodeb’s microbrewery equipments meet European standards, yet the price is very much Indian and ranging from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 4 crore.

The system integrates branded gear box motors and refrigeration compressors for increased reliability as well as functionality. A wide option of up to 500 long lasting-finishes and suiting the interiors of the microbrewery offer unparalleled choice in aesthetics. Titanium finishes in copper, gold, oxidised black and even wood are a few worth mentioning.

As a responsible equipment manufacturer, Prodeb extends its support with experienced International Brew Masters, to maximise the efficiency and cost-effective solutions. The brewers are rotated in a minimum of three projects to ensure that even a small brewery avail the expertise of a great brewer.

Prodeb’s flagship company, Canadian Crystalline Water, specialises in water treatment. This expertise enables Prodeb to mock the classic styles of beer available abroad, simply by recreating the source water there, which makes for authentic beer.

Prodeb Brewery has executed more than 30 microbreweries worldwide in Australia, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and South America. In India, Prodeb Brewery has more than 20 completed microbreweries and more are getting installed, 60 microbreweries within the current year. Prodeb manufactures in-house the total line of microbrewery equipment which includes malt mill, brew house fermenters and bright beer tanks. Besides these, Ice Water Tank, Glycol Tank and Hot liquor Tank, CIP (clean-in-place) System and refrigeration chillers are also manufactured at its 50,000 sq m facility in Chennai.