Editor’s Note

  • Growing Organically

    Come March and most companies associated with the food and hospitality sector will head to the capital of India to learn, explore, network and collaborate...

  • 33 years and more to come

    You know that your event has been well received by both the participants and the visiting delegates and invitees, when you witness smiles that are...

  • Continuing a proud legacy

    An important development this year is that we will be hosting the 5th Annual Chef’s Connect, which is a unique congregation of top notch star...

  • Tech for tomorrow

    The power of technology has unleashed itself in the hospitality arena and how

  • Food Dynamics

    The F&B segment within the hospitality sector is carving its own vibrant and versatile niche and it's not just about the flavours and fragrance anymore

  • From tableware to tea

    The evolution of any industry is directly proportional to what its users demand

  • Setting standards of success

    Every event comes with its share of anticipation and anxiety and the 32nd edition of Food Hospitality World (FHW), which recently concluded in Bengaluru was...

  • Growth Dynamics

    A metamorphosis of any kind, however marginal, does get noticed

  • Time for the transition

    The three letter word called 'GST' (goods and services tax), has certainly made its mark

  • Rain and gain in Goa

    From knowledge rich conferences to live contests and workshops to apex association gatherings, FHW Goa 2017 is set to take Goa by storm before the...

  • Bane of ban

    The hospitality sector, which is just about struggling to recover from the after-effects of demonetisation, has been dealing with a bigger blow – the Supreme...

  • Growth Dynamics

    A metamorphosis of any kind, however marginal, does get noticed

  • Winds of change

    The hospitality sector in India has witnessed rapid evolution over the last two decades

  • A landmark event

    The 30th edition of FHW was an incredible success in every way – from the impressive turnout of the movers and shakers from the Indian...

  • Home is where the change is

    India truly has a unique story to share in its tourism space

  • Standing strong at 30

    A trade show, especially in the B2B space, proves to be, in many ways, a reflection of the mood and temperament of that particular industry

  • An eventful beginning

    For us at Food & Hospitality World the year always begins with action and anticipation as the very first month we play host to India's...

  • The year gone by

    The reflections of the year 2016 from the hospitality industry viewpoint can be easily termed as resilient

  • Enlightening thoughts

    Mumbai has almost all the ingredients in place to be the event capital of the country

  • Black or white?

    The surprise announcement made by PM of India, Narendra Modi to demonetise Rs 500, Rs 1000 currency notes, in order to tackle corruption, has sent...

  • Waking up to reality

    Even as we are writing this, the third meeting of the GST Council ended a day earlier than scheduled, without reaching a consensus on the...

  • Milking the opportunity

    A trip to the capital of India seldom lets you down especially when if comes to understanding the meaning of being connected and to be...

  • Promises to keep

    There were events galore during this entire month of September and the series will continue till the end of the year

  • Of coffees and conventions

    Come September and the hospitality, travel, tourism industry in India gets into the convention and conferencing mode

  • FHW’s Goan flavour

    The hospitality sector in Goa has its own set of rules and the dynamics of business within the industry is peculiar to its region

  • An August offer

    In a world of complexities, it's always refreshing to receive a gift, especially from the government that can ease out few issues with taxation

  • The Goan food story

    It is probably India's naturally sold out tourism destination and for most people Goa is the party destination of India