Spice it up Logan!


The 14 year-old Masterchef Junior US 2014 winner, Logan Guleff, got a good taste of  Indian spices during his first visit to the country. Talking to Food & Hospitality World, he shares his experience and his journey post his Masterchef win

A young American boy with a deep passion for the art of culinary, Logan Guleff was invited as a special guest for the Young Chef Olympiad 2017 held in Kolkata recently. He was picked as the competition’s mascot to motivate the contestants and guide them through the challenges. Guleff who had only heard about the varieties in Indian cuisine, was intrigued with the Spice Nation. Sharing his perceptions, he comments, “I only knew about the spices that are added to the Indian dishes. The Indian dishes prepared in US are bland and not very spicy compared to the traditional Indian cuisine I have had here. The cuisine is rich in flavours due to the variety of spices and I wish someone could teach me how to cook Indian dishes.”

Guleff who has been cooking since the age of nine, won the Masterchef Junior title in 2014 out of 20,000 applicants. Since then the young chef has gone to several charity dinners, countless food demos, initiatives for Uncle Ben’s Canada and was selected as the only kid to certify as a barbeque judge for the World Championship. His cooking skills have also garnered compliments from renowned world chef Gordon Ramsay. When asked where he gets the inspiration to cook he says, “I have always seen Gordon Ramsay as an inspiration for work. His style and work is motivating and I was happy to have him as a mentor during Masterchef.”

When asked on how he manages to be a young icon for chefs, he remarks, “It is challenging work but my journey has inspired young food lovers. I have seen many young chefs look at the field of culinary art as a profession now. It is great to see young people follow their passion with a deep commitment to work hard for it.”

201703eh27Guleff’s family doesn’t share his love of food art but have supported him through his journey. His mother accompanies him on his international trips. Giving advice to aspiring young chefs, he states, “I think all young chefs need to focus on their skills and creativity. It is best to represent a thought through the skill and make an idea come to life.”

As a young boy who has achieved success at such an early stage, he remarks that there have been several challenges. He finds it difficult to manage studies and be part of his culinary journey at the same time but is happy to be able to balance both. Recalling his journey post the Masterchef win, he says, “It has been incredible from the start till winning the Masterchef Junior title. I enjoy travelling to new countries as I get to experience  the flavour of regional food along with a new culture.”

Talking about his future plans, he adds, “I will be launching a graphic cookbook adventure which will include two recipes. It will be more of a guidebook on how to cook those simple recipes. It is an interesting format which has never been tried before and I hope that the audience enjoys it.”

Commenting on his plans to open a restaurant someday, he remarks, “The idea is far off in the future and I don’t wish to focus on it now. However, I like the idea of a food truck and may look at opening a few of my own.”