Don’t’ just Innovate – Indovate


Puratos has luanched new products that will take the baking world to new heights

April marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year across the country. From Tamil Nadu to Punjab and Bengal, the year begins in April.

The new year is always been a good time to start something new, whether it is the habit of going to the gym or the launch of a bunch of customer friendly product launches that will propel baking across the country to new heights.

Talking about propelling the country forward, the basic divide that plagues a country such as ours, lies in the egg. Whether your consumer eats it or not, or eats it on certain days or forgoes it entirely for certain weeks, it is a point to wonder, and much debate always takes place.

As bakers, we all know how the egg wash brings that special shine to the  shelf. Without an egg wash, the croissant somehow lacks the shiny appeal of a croissant.

In order to deal with this particular problem, that is largely Indian, Puratos has introduced a new glaze. The Sunset Glaze that gives the beauty of the egg wash shine but is completely vegetarian. Customised keeping in mind the Indian market and the food preferences of the country that hugs its vegetarian history.

This completely food safe ready to use product comes with a clean label and is completely unsweetened, so as to be put to multipurpose use on either a savoury or sweet baked good.

Talking about croissants, there is another French delicacy that has caught the imagination of the innovative Indian consumer, that of the delicate French macaron. This baked almond cloud is perhaps the most French of French things.

Making a macaron just became so much easier with Puratos’ Tegral Macaron. This takes all the variables out of those demanding French macarons. It’s now just a matter of putting mind to matter to decide which theme you wish to pursue, to add to the shelves these delicate stylish melt in the mouth clouds of innovation.

Part of our Cakes of The World Series, the Tegral Macaron provides a consistent quality product that is fail proof and cutting edge chic. Colour your displays with innovative flavours, and gorgeous colours that attract the discerning consumer, innovation is now but a yummy dessert away.

What would a yummy macaron be without a superb filling to hold it together, to add that necessary kick, to meld the flavours of the biscuit in a truly stand out style?

201704eh15And what could possibly be better than a fruit-filling that has more than 20 per cent  fruit, and stays exactly the way you want it. A bake stable filling and how! It stays fresh for much longer, tastes a lot like jam with more natural ingredients. Perfect for those whose middle name is innovation. Or maybe for those who want innovation to be their middle name.

All this comes under the Vivafil name. A quality product from the house of Puratos, made to taste fresher, and in an easy RTU avatar, the Vivafil comes in Strawberry and Mango flavours, each one more finger licking than the next.

Our special launch this year is a throwback to our childhood, the piece of guava with a smattering of chilly sold from carts is our inspiration. The latest entrant in the Vivafil range is just that essentially desi twist flavour, Vivafil Guava Chilli.

And where can this medley of confusing flavours be used? From a surprise in a croissant to the desi twist between layers of cake, the list is as endless as exciting.

What is the charm of baking if there is no innovation, no touch of that something special to look forward to?

One such is that gorgeous taste of pistachio. This trendsetter holds that wonderful Middle Eastern and yummy flavour. This Tegral Satin PistachioVelvet Egg Free is probably at that cutting edge of innovative cake baking that has yet to be explored.

Its light green deliciousness can be used across the spectrum, from a cupcake to a full fledged cake, making the innovative yummy dessert.

What is a cake, if it is not frosted, if it doesn’t have that luscious white creamy layer. Easy to use straight from the fridge, the Ambiante is Puratos’ signature non-dairy cream that sparkles on cakes. The Ambiante does not crust and crack, making it the perfect choice when the consumer wants that perfect white. It is a guarantee that the Ambiante will continue to wear that perfect white from frosting to consumption.

Understanding the Indian consumer and actually listening to what the consumer wants has helped us put together these very local, and yet very global products.

Puratos India is as Indian in its heart as it is Belgian in its pedigree, and it is proud of the fact that it actually merges these two to produce world class products. One that blows the bugle for innovation within the baking community.